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Bathroom Remodeling Can Yield Major Benefits



SmithL4WEB Bathroom Remodeling Can Yield Major Benefits
No matter your individual needs, AAB can help you.

A lot of homeowners face the prospect of a bathroom remodeling project with a great deal of trepidation. They’ve heard horror stories of shady contractors, there is the fear of huge costs being incurred, and then there’s the hassle of having one of most important and functional rooms in the house being out of commission. These impressions are often reinforced by movies and TV shows, usually for comedic effect. All About Bathrooms goes to great lengths to prove to homeowners that such a nightmare situation is far from the norm. In fact, they will sit down with their client and show the many possible bathroom remodel benefits that can occur from such a project.

The first of the possible bathroom remodel benefits is the most obvious one in that it can improve the value of one’s home. One of the most important features that prospective home buyers are looking for is the state of the bathrooms, particularly the master bathroom. It’s no surprise that many bathrooms become tired and faded over time. Fixtures and furniture are dated, and the tiles and textures are often decades old. A bathroom remodeling project can transform an eyesore of a bathroom into a modern wonder. Just like the kitchen, having up-to-date fixtures and a modern style can greatly enhance the selling price and help move the house that much quicker.

Another of the potential bathroom remodel benefits that an individual can enjoy is greater energy efficiency. Older toilets typically use a lot more water than their modern counterparts. The same is true for the humble shower head as the latest models feature stellar water pressure while using less water. The design experts at All About Bathrooms can show you a wide range of water-saving shower heads as well as low-flow faucets. Installing energy efficient fixtures can reduce water consumption in the bathroom by anywhere from 25% to 60%, which means lower water bills. Light fixtures and heaters can be replaced with energy efficient versions that can lower your electricity bill as well.

Next on our list of possible bathroom remodel benefits is transforming the bathroom into the relaxing oasis of your dreams. In the past, most people viewed the bathroom in purely utilitarian terms. The goal of the bathroom was to do your business (shower, brush the teeth, etc.) as quickly as possible and get out. Now a lot of homeowners look at the bathroom as a source of relaxation where they can escape the hassles and drudgery of the real world. This can be as simple as changing the colors and textures used in the bathroom to create a more soothing environment, or it can entail the installation of luxury items such as a remote-controlled shower, heated tile floors, or a hot tub. A bathroom remodeling project can totally change the way you look at the bathroom. Instead of the bathroom being just a room where showering and other necessities are handled, it could become your very own personal spa where you can pamper yourself.

One of the most important potential bathroom remodel benefits is the correction of something wrong. This is the case when a homeowner has issues with their bathroom, such as a cracked tub that is leaking, mold in the walls, broken floor tiles, soft spots in the floor, or electrical wiring that desperately needs to be brought up to code. As time goes on, the possibility of something breaking or becoming worn out increases. Some issues, such as mold and exposed wiring, can be very dangerous to those using the bathroom. Another casualty of a bathroom with problems is that comfort is greatly reduced. Who wants to use a shower where tiles are falling off the wall? A bathroom remodeling project can fix all the problem areas and once again make the throne room a comfortable and safe place.

Freeing up more space is another of the bathroom remodel benefits that can be enjoyed by homeowners. The design experts at All About Bathrooms can show you a myriad of ways that space can be utilized to a greater extent. This can be done in a number of ways. The first is actually expanding the bathroom itself. This is a great option for those who have had their children leave the nest. Now that spare bedroom can be joined to the master bathroom in order to place a luxurious hot tub with an attached TV or a walk-in shower with seating. Another method of freeing up space in the bathroom is to use innovative fixtures and furniture. The addition of storage racks, open shelving, medicine cabinets, and wall storage can get rid of all the clutter that can plague a bathroom. Instead of fumbling through all the junk that used to be crammed on your countertop, you can open up a drawer or cabinet and instantly grab exactly what you need. A bathroom remodeling project can bring blessed organization and structure to the chaos of your old bathroom.

As one can see, there are some great benefits for remodeling a bathroom, ranging from increasing the value of your home to freeing up more space to becoming more energy efficient. The possible benefits depend upon what you want from your bathroom, and the design experts at All About Bathrooms can help you achieve your goal. Everything from just updating the tired decor to a modern sensibility to a total bathroom makeover is possible. The end result is that you’ll have the bathroom that you want and whose benefits you can enjoy.







How to Choose a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Denver

For many, choosing a great bathroom remodeling contractor in Denver (or anywhere else) is a daunting task. We hope the following tips will help you navigate the process and distinguish between trustworthy, reliable, quality contractors and those who might rip you off or perform shoddy work.

1 – Research Potential Contractors

In Denver, the best places to research contractors are the Better Business Bureau, TeamDaveLogan.com, and ReferralList.com. These resources are great because they have strict, quality guidelines for businesses to be listed. Other public listing sites with reviews, such as Google, Yahoo, Yelp, etc., are also useful.

2 – Contact References

Ask potential contractors for a list of references – prior customers who you can actually speak with to gauge what a typical experience would be like with that contractor. Questions to ask these references include:

  • Did they show up everyday?
  • Were the same people there everyday?
  • Did they clean up every night?
  • Did any issues arise? If so, were they dealt with swiftly and to your satisfaction?
  • What was the schedule of payments – divided up or lump sum?
  • Were you satisfied with the quality?

3 – Understand that Quality and Speed Comes with a Price

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you are looking for high quality work that is completed quickly, you should expect to pay a premium. A low bid undoubtedly means that quality and/or speed will be compromised for your project. The average labor costs for remodeling a 5 x 7 bathroom are between $12-15K, so if your bid is lower than that, beware of poor quality or a remodeling project that may drag on endlessly.

4 – Ask about Scheduling

How does the contractor work? Does the contractor work only on your project until done? Or does the contractor schedule multiple jobs at once and jump around from one to another? Will the contractor work during the weekdays or only on weekends? How long will the project take to complete?

All About Bathrooms Inc. is proud to work exclusively on one project at a time, which we finish completely before moving on to the next job. Our remodel projects typically last between 15-20 business days, depending on the project scope.

5 – Discuss Change Orders with the Contractor

Beware of contractors that low-ball your bid, then come in after demo and require change orders due to “unforeseen” issues. These change orders mean a higher cost for you than was originally quoted. Too often we hear stories where contractors say, “Oh, Mrs. Smith. We found plumbing that we’re going to have to move – and it’s going to cost you an extra 1500 bucks.” Since the contractor has already begun the work, your options are limited and you end up paying more money.

All About Bathrooms Inc. does our best to anticipate potential problems with plumbing, electrical, HVAC, subfloor, etc. when we visit your site to prepare our estimate. We are experienced with remodeling Denver homes of all ages and in all areas. We understand how these homes were constructed and what lies behind the walls. There is the rare occasion that an issue may arise that we absolutely could not have accounted for (such as prior remodel work that was done poorly), and we would promptly bring this to your attention and make a plan that satisfies everyone. The only changes we do not account for are change orders requested by the customer, such as layout changes or adding features like pocket doors, additional lighting, vent fans, etc.

Bathroom Sink Ideas: Choosing the Right One

Bathroom sinks come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, and choosing the best sink for your remodel is a matter of taste and budget. From simple, white vitreous china sinks available at your local home improvement store to rugged, custom-made concrete or metal sinks, there is a wide variety of options. See our bathroom sink ideas by type of installation:

self-rimming-bathroom-sink-300x225 Bathroom Sink Ideas: Choosing the Right OneSelf-Rimming Sinks

Self-rimming sinks drop into the top of the vanity, and the rim rests on top of your countertop. This type of sink is the most basic and common when you think about bathroom sinks, and they can be installed with most any countertop material. There is potential for dirt and soap scum to collect in the seam where the sink meets the countertop. These sinks also have the potential to leak at the seam, so keep that in mind. Self-rimming sinks are typically easy and forgiving to install.


undermount-bathroom-sink-300x225-300x225 Bathroom Sink Ideas: Choosing the Right OneUndermount Sinks

Undermount sinks are attached underneath the countertop surface, providing a clean look and an easy-to-clean surface with no obtrusive rim that collects dirt and grime. This type of bathroom sink installs with clips attached to the underside of the countertop. Undermount sinks are typically installed with granite and other stone or concrete countertops; laminate is not the best choice for an undermount sink.


pedestal-sink Bathroom Sink Ideas: Choosing the Right OneFreestanding Consoles / Pedestals

Pedestal sinks are a great choice for a small bathroom where floor space is at a premium. They are typically used in powder rooms, where counter space and under sink storage are not critical. A console sink is similar to a pedestal sink but usually has 2 or 4 metal legs instead of the single pedestal base. Pedestal and console sinks are typically easy to clean. Many evoke a traditional / Victorian sense of architecture, although some may have a clean, modern aesthetic.


wall-mount-sink Bathroom Sink Ideas: Choosing the Right OneWall-Mounted Sinks

Wall-mount sinks are like pedestals, in that they save valuable floor space and are great for small bathrooms. Wall mount sinks can be a great choice for period remodels, such as a farmhouse or old Victorian. Cleaning the floor under a wall-mount sink is a breeze, with no legs or supports in your way. Wall-mount sinks are available in traditional or modern designs, and they can be made of any material such as porcelain, glass, metal, or concrete.


vessel-sink Bathroom Sink Ideas: Choosing the Right OneVessel Sinks

Vessel sinks, also called above-counter sinks, are all the rage right now, but they bring us back to the beginning of indoor plumbing when washbasins were set atop a dresser, cabinet, or side table. Vessel sinks allow for some interesting options for faucets such as a surface mounted faucet or a wall-mounted faucet (which requires pre-planning with your contractor). Vessel sinks can be installed atop any kind of cabinet, like an antique cabinet or a repurposed table.