Choosing a South Denver Metro Remodeling Contractor


How to Choose the Right Contractor for Your Castle Pines Remodeling Project?

For many, choosing a great a remodeling contractor in South Denver Metro (or anywhere) is a daunting task. There are many risks that can arise: uncooperative contractors, scammers who might rip you off, or inexperienced contractors who deliver poor quality work.

All About Bathrooms of the Castle Pines Area hope that the following tips will help you navigate the process. After you read this guide, you’re sure to be able to pick the right contractor for your remodeling project!

1 – Research Potential Contractors

In Denver, the best place to research contractors is the Better Business Bureau. This resources is great because they have strict, quality guidelines for businesses to be listed: you’ll be able to avoid companies that don’t follow their standards.

Public listing sites with reviews, such as Google, Yahoo, Yelp, etc. are also useful. These sites gather reviews from customers who have worked closely with the contracting companies you might be interested in.

2 – Contact References

Ask potential contractors for a list of references. These may include their managers, who can give you an in-depth look into what their services offer, or prior customers who you can actually speak to. A business’ previous customers will be able to detail what a typical experience would be like with that contractor. Questions to ask these references include:

  • Did they show up everyday?
  • We’re the same people there everyday?
  • Did they clean up every night?
  • Did any issues arise? If so, were they handled swiftly, and to your satisfaction?
  • What was the schedule of payments – divided up or lump sum?
  • Were you satisfied with the quality? 

Without references, it may be hard to get a sense of how the contractors will act. Try to get in touch with someone who represents the company to get your questions answered, or find a previous customer’s testimonial.

3 – Understand that Quality and Speed Comes with a Price

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you are looking for high quality work that is completed quickly, you should expect to pay a premium. A low bid undoubtedly means that quality and/or speed will be compromised for your project. It’s also important to discuss pricing and payment plans with your contractor, as these may vary between companies. Some contractors may require up-front or installation payments as the project goes on. Make sure to go in-depth when discussing this aspect of remodeling: it’s best to find plans and prices that suit your needs.

4 – Ask about Scheduling

When consulting with contractors, it’s important to talk about scheduling and time frame. To get a clear sense of how long your remodeling project may take, you may ask them questions such as:

  • How does the contractor work? 
  • Does the contractor work only on your project until done?
  • Does the contractor schedule multiple jobs at once and jump around from one to another? 
  • Will the contractor work during the weekdays or only on weekends? 
  • How long will the project take to complete?

Asking about scheduling is important not just for your project, but also for your own personal needs. If you have other things to tend to, working out a schedule that works best for both you and your contractor will ease the project’s flow.

5 – Discuss Change Orders with the Contractor

Beware of contractors that low-ball your bid, then come in after a demo and require change orders due to “unforeseen” issues. These change orders mean a higher cost for you than was originally quoted. Too often we hear stories where contractors say, “Oh Mrs. Smith, we found plumbing that we’re going to have to move – and it’s going to cost you an extra 1500 bucks.” Since the contractor has already begun the work, your options are limited and you end up paying more money.

All About Bathrooms does its best to anticipate potential problems with plumbing, electrical, HVAC, subfloor, and other factors when we visit your site to prepare our estimate. We are experienced with remodeling a variety of homes, regardless of age and layout, in Denver, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Cherry Hills, and more. 

We understand how these homes were constructed and what lies behind the walls. There is the rare occasion that an issue may arise that we absolutely could not have accounted for (such as prior remodel work that was done poorly) and we would promptly bring this to your attention and make a plan that satisfies everyone. The only changes we do not account for are change orders requested by the customer, such as layout changes or adding features like pocket doors, additional lighting, vent fans, etc.

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