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There are many ways to spruce up a home, and one of the best is through a bathroom remodeling project. Every person deserves a bathroom that is both welcoming and luxurious, and today’s homeowner is the beneficiary of a wide range of options available to them. Want a heated tile floor to keep the chill at bay during those harsh winter months? Well, now you can have such a feature installed to keep your toes warm and toasty on a frosty morning. All About Bathrooms is a premier Centennial bathroom remodeling contractor that can help you achieve the bathroom that you’ve long wished for. Our design experts will be at your side from the initial consultation to the final cleanup, and they can show you the wide array of textures, furniture, tiles, and fixtures that are currently available to choose from. One of the hallmarks of All About Bathrooms is that we only work on a single bathroom remodeling project at a time, which allows us to give each customer our full and undivided attention.

Recent Centennial Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Below are some images from some of our completed Centennial bathroom remodeling projects. Please click on the project title below to view before and after images.

Before Remodel

bathroom-pocket-door-centennial-remodel-d83cb3eb853607fe41601ba38ec906ab Centennial Bathroom Remodeling
centennial-bathroom-pocket-door-9c0df4072e9b2d9e7a33de48162b1371 Centennial Bathroom Remodeling
during-bathroom-remodel-centennial-a841dc665aff3575962a0a685ee0f3a8 Centennial Bathroom Remodeling
durock-under-bathtub-tile-c19bae496bbbd2b734c8e28d1f816771 Centennial Bathroom Remodeling
radiant-floor-heating-bathroom-225e3655eb36cd8c8e8b6fb27de80cf0 Centennial Bathroom Remodeling
radiant-floor-heating-centennial-7da39859b00c55f41886de0fbd0f4602 Centennial Bathroom Remodeling
radiant-heat-flooring-centennial-bathroom-4c67604c8ea42378f9394ace7c5825ff Centennial Bathroom Remodeling

After Remodel

bathroom-remodel-centennial-co-ae1af1b8fc4f573dd4049d3b5b5d7c82 Centennial Bathroom Remodeling
bathroom-remodel-solar-tubular-skylight-bc3cdc6cecd36aa29ad96955947db1e9 Centennial Bathroom Remodeling
bathtub-shower-combo-remodel-962ce4c3917569dd90642b6614b0b963 Centennial Bathroom Remodeling
centennial-bathroom-remodel-542348e3acff4fb17e87bb21959913d4 Centennial Bathroom Remodeling
finished-bathroom-remodel-centennial-bd27c453b8a1e2a382b503669b0d1361 Centennial Bathroom Remodeling
finished-bedroom-pocket-door-bathroom-728a325eaa9a71b18c5fe3ea2e6998a2 Centennial Bathroom Remodeling
finished-bedroom-remodel-centennial-9fcc78f561aeb805d17aec059bf2d948 Centennial Bathroom Remodeling
guest-bathroom-vanity-5b5c505d473c1c84688ebf4e2ca2a0e5 Centennial Bathroom Remodeling

After Remodel

centennial-bath-remodel-6b84d5d427ee1aad66ab15cd7b87478e Centennial Bathroom Remodeling
master-bath-remodel-centennial-co-cda70a3ec007e6683ca1eb4aa43eb1b7 Centennial Bathroom Remodeling
master-shower-remodel-co-9d2ca7daf32f5bb80444554d3f999d63 Centennial Bathroom Remodeling
shower-floor-tile-1-3afda2a75741adabcb433ed8d13b532d Centennial Bathroom Remodeling

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