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Remodeling your bathroom or kitchen can be a big, intimidating task. From figuring out the costs to finding the right contractor, a remodeling project is sure to challenge any homeowner.

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of remodeling any room is figuring out what design you want to implement. Choosing a design is more than picking a color palette: it can involve choosing materials, figuring out the size of the room, and determining storage space.

Additionally, you may want to stay up-to-date with the latest design and remodeling trends. If you’re looking for inspiration or creative home remodeling ideas, read on! All About Bathrooms Ideas and Tips guide is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

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Decisions, Decisions

shutterstock_1659463054-1024x683 Decisions, DecisionsYou know you want it.

You stare at the tub…the shower enclosure, the older faucets…and the tile color. Who thought pink was a good idea? But you also know that you are not much of a do-it-yourselfer either.  That’s where we come in. Hello, we are All About Bathrooms and More (Kitchens and remodeling the whole home). Give us a call and we’ll find out exactly what you are thinking and then we’ll blend in our experience and understanding of all the current materials and plans. Together we’ll arrive at your dream bathroom.

shutterstock_608683379-scaled-e1633985090175 Decisions, DecisionsWe’ll find out about your daily routine, your storage needs, and what functionality you’ll need.

But before you even start mood-boarding or falling in love with a bathroom design you want to recreate, ask yourself the boring questions. You may not even realize they impact your bathroom needs, but they do!  So get your pen and paper and start writing…

1). What’s your daily routine? (the layout of your bath will depend on it.)

2). What’s your budget…what can you spend?

3). How much storage do you need? Easier to add now than later.

4). How many people are using the room? Double sinks? Double mirrors? One big one?

5). What do you like about your current space?

6). What are your favorite colors? When you want to relax, what are your favorite colors?

7). Glass Doors, no doors? Do you like an enclosure or the great wide open space?

8). Natural Stone, Tile, Wallpaper? Start thinking about the materials you would like to employ.

9). Chrome, Nickel, Pewter, Gold? What metal colors do you want incorporated?

10). Will you need shelves, a mirror cabinet, towel racks and hooks, a built in linen closet….

So give your new space some thought and give us a call and we’ll help you to create your dream space.

shutterstock_749562262-scaled-e1633985140400 Decisions, Decisions



Lessons & Benefits of a Back-to-School Season Remodel

Remodel-Back-to-School1 Lessons & Benefits of a Back-to-School Season RemodelWith Back-to-School season is in full flow, we know your home is probably buzzing with excitement and some hectic moments from time to time as well.

To help your home feel better organized and less-chaotic, a back-to-school remodel may be just the thing to restore some balance and add-in some extra functionality, organization, and flair. Grab your notebook and pen, and let’s get ready to take some notes on a few short lessons over the benefits of a back to school season remodel! 

Lesson #1: Increase Your Home Value + Save MoneyRemodel-Back-to-School2 Lessons & Benefits of a Back-to-School Season Remodel

If you’re tired of feeling like you’ve stepped back into the 1980s when you cook dinner, or are tired of bumping into your spouse in your Barbie®-sized bathroom, remodeling your home will not only increase it’s value, but make it much more comfortable and stylish to live in. Alternatively, a money-saving option could be to replace your single-pane windows with a fresh set of energy-efficient windows which could ultimately save you hundreds on monthly bills.

Lesson #2: Stay Put & Avoid the Hassle of Moving.

Remodel-Back-to-School-3 Lessons & Benefits of a Back-to-School Season RemodelIf you enjoy where you live, and don’t want to put your kiddos through the torture of changing schools, a remodel could help you enjoy your home NOW rather than waiting 10-15 years down the road. Plus, you can avoid the stress and hassle of the selling and buying process which can take months. Updating the bathroom, a kitchen make-over, or knocking down that wall to create an open-floor plan concept, might be the most ideal solution for the time being. Just give us a call and we can help you with all the details.

Remodel-Back-to-School5 Lessons & Benefits of a Back-to-School Season RemodelLesson #3: Start BIG? small? All?!

Smaller-scale remodels typically focus on one room of the home. For example, a minor kitchen remodel can make a world of difference in your home. Larger-scale remodels may include adding-on a new room, replacing flooring, or updating fixtures or plumbing. If you’re not exactly sure where you’d like to start, we will help advise you on what will give you the best bang for your buck. That leads us into the final lesson… 

Lesson #4. Hire a Reputable General Contractor 

While you may be tempted to feel like a TV star DYI’er, hiring us can help take the stress off your hands. For example, if you are required to have certain work permits, or need to update old wiring to avoid potential electrical hazards, etc., we will handle those things for you. Another benefit is your project(s) will be completed on-time versus if you try and tackle it yourself, and something else comes up to stall or deter the work! There’s nothing like having a half-finished bathroom or kitchen for what seems like an eternity on end! We can help you with every last detail. Just give Cheryl a call today. (720) 524-7546


The Latest Innovations in Bathroom Accessories

The Latest Innovations in Bathroom Accessories

Are you planning to do some bathroom remodeling? It’s the perfect way to refresh your home and add some of the latest innovations in bathroom remodeling. Whether it’s Hollywood-inspired lighted mirrors or Alexa compatible smart features, there’s so much you can do with your bathroom. When you think of how much time you spend in there – from doing your morning routine to jumping in the shower – it’s worth giving your bathroom an upgrade. We’re sharing five of our favorite innovative accessories to add to any Colorado bathroom remodeling project. shutterstock_644816272 The Latest Innovations in Bathroom Accessories

  1. Hollywood-Inspired Mirrors

Do you struggle to get the perfect lighting for your morning routine? Is your overhead light too harsh? Lighted mirrors are an innovative solution. Your makeup will glide on flawlessly, and you’ll never miss a spot while shaving. These mirrors come in every shape and size. You’re guaranteed to find one that will work with the aesthetic of your bathroom remodeling. These mirrors utilize LED light to brighten your face to either warm or white light. 

At the switch of a button, you can dim the LED light to suit your preference. These lighted mirrors are ideal for en-suite bathroom remodeling, so you can get ready without disturbing anyone in the main bedroom area. 

  1. In-Wall TV

If you like to take a long soak in the bath, you’ve probably tried to watch Netflix with your iPad balancing precariously on a stack of towels. In-wall TVs are one of our favorite innovations in bath remodeling. They first started appearing in luxury hotel rooms a few years ago – and are slowly making their way into residential properties. 

These TVs are innovative as they’re waterproof, with most models also incorporating a touchscreen, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of a remote. If you’re someone who likes to indulge in a bath or wants to add some entertainment to their morning routine, an in-wall TV is a must-have. We’re starting to see these popping up in different Colorado bathroom remodeling projects as a way to reimagine your space.

  1. Alexa Compatible Bluetooth Speaker

We’re all guilty of singing in the shower. One thing you want to include in your bathroom remodeling is a Bluetooth speaker. You can jam out to ABBA or the latest TikTok tunes while shampooing your hair. The trick with this popular Colorado bathroom remodeling trend is to invest in an Alexa-compatible speaker. You can stream your music up to a ceiling speaker while using your Alexa device to control your playlist. 

It’s an easy way to utilize and upgrade your space without breaking the bank. You’ll get perfect sound, whether you’re dancing in the shower or chilling in the tub.

  1. Underfloor Heating

Your bathroom remodeling should focus on ways of making your space a more relaxing environment. You can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom by incorporating in-floor heating. No one wants to walk over cold tiles first thing in the morning or when they’re fresh out of the shower. 

We’re seeing this feature incorporated in Colorado bathroom remodeling projects involving both new build properties and renovations. You can incorporate underfloor electric heating into any size bathroom. It can also save you the space you’d usually assign for a radiator. You can utilize this space instead to add a heated towel rank.

  1. Heated Towel Rack

Bring a spa experience to your bathroom remodeling with a heated towel rack. You can keep your towels fresh and warm with this innovative bathroom accessory. It can also cut down on your washing as the heated rack can dry lightly used towels between use. It’s an easy way to add energy efficiency to your bathroom remodeling.

These innovations in bathroom remodeling add a contemporary feel to your space. Incorporating them into your bathroom will help you utilize every square inch and give your home a refresh. With sleek designs to choose from, you can add value to your home or create a spa-like experience for your bathroom.


A Few New Year’s Resolutions for Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

The holiday season is finally over as the new year begins. People tend to take a long look at their current situation as the previous year winds down, which leads to many vowing to make substantial changes in their lives. The most common New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, going to the gym more often, and quitting smoking. (1) Men and women are pretty equal when it comes to making resolutions; a survey found that 73.76% of men and 74.26% of women planned on making resolutions for 2021. (2) However, only about 10% of those who make resolutions keep them after several months. (3) New Year’s resolutions can be made for anything, including your home. All About Bathrooms and More would like to offer you some New Year’s resolutions for remodeling your kitchen or bathroom.

shutterstock_266690411 A Few New Year's Resolutions for Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling










The first New Year’s resolution when it comes to bathroom or kitchen remodeling is to actually do the remodeling. Many people plan on doing a remodeling project but fail to follow through. One reason is that quite a few people only consider doing full remodeling projects, which could lead to the price of the project or its scale to cause the homeowner to change their mind and keep on with the status quo. A lot of people believe that doing a remodeling project entails tearing down the entire room and building everything back up from scratch. The reality is far different as a remodeling project could be as simple as replacing some cabinets or replacing an outmoded tub or shower with a new one. Don’t be afraid to make small changes to your bathroom or kitchen. The entire point of a remodeling project is to have the remodeled space provide greater comfort and use to the homeowner. If you feel that the lighting is inadequate, then have some new lighting installed. If you find the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom are boring or ugly, then have them replaced with new tiles that will boost your mood whenever you step into the room.

Another important New Year’s resolution when it comes to remodeling projects is to stay within your budget. Just like hitting a buffet, our eyes can be larger than our stomachs, or in the case of remodeling projects, our wallets. The design experts at All About Bathrooms and More can help you come up with a budget you’ll be happy with. There are lots of options when it comes to materials and furnishings. Imported Italian marble may look incredible as the top of your kitchen island, but such beauty will cost you. There are plenty of alternatives that look just as great for the fraction of the price. Instead of buying a full steam shower, you could purchase a steam shower kit instead. Going way over your budget just adds more stress in your life and could lead to further problems. Figuring out a reasonable budget and sticking with it is the best choice. You’ll be happy with your kitchen or bathroom being upgraded, and you’ll be happy knowing that you didn’t break the bank in doing so.

Two more New Year’s resolutions are safety and economy. Technology has come a long way in regards to devices that save on water and electricity. All About Bathrooms and More can show you toilets, showers, and sinks that use less water than their older counterparts. There are oven ranges, refrigerators, freezers, and water heaters that use far less power than older models. Using less power and water is not only good for the environment, but it saves you money as well as your utility bills will go down. As for safety, it may be time to install handles in the bathroom if you have members of your family that are getting older or face some movement disability. Having support handles in and around the shower, tub, and toilet can help someone who finds it hard to move around to use the facilities a lot easier. Another safety resolution is to include sanitizer stations in the bathroom and kitchen. In these days of COVID-19, having a handy spot to get some sanitizer will help keep you and your family safe and healthy.

As we’ve shown above, there are a number of ways for you to apply some New Year’s resolutions to remodeling your bathroom or kitchen. Staying within a budget, following through with a remodeling project, and increasing the safety of your loved ones are just a few remodeling New Year’s resolutions you can consider. If you have any questions, please contact us today.






Inexpensive Ways to Bring Christmas Into Your Home

The most magical part of the year is finally here. Christmas is the time where people look to embrace “goodwill towards men,” and children dream of Santa leaving a horde of presents under the Christmas tree. The holiday season brings joy and creates warm memories for both the young and old. While some people spend a small fortune creating massive displays to celebrate the season, there are ways to embrace the season without breaking the bank. The home remodeling experts at All About Bathrooms and More have some inexpensive suggestions on how to bring Christmas into your home.

Normally, this festive season is filled with many group activities, such as caroling, attending holiday concerts, going to school plays, and so on. However, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has wrought havoc with such plans this year. All About Bathrooms and More wishes to remind everyone to celebrate Christmas in a safe manner and follow the protocols issued by the CDC. Remember to wear your masks and always engage in social distancing. The number of Americans planning to travel this year for Christmas has dropped by 31 million from the previous year. (1) If you’re inviting people into your home this holiday season, then set up several tables so that each individual household can sit together and be socially distant from other households. The best option is to have any meals and unwrapping ceremonies outside, but if you’re unable to do so, then make sure the indoor space is well-ventilated. Also, keep plenty of hand sanitizer handy.

Last year, retail sales for the Christmas season was over a trillion dollars, with the average American household spending $1,536. (2) That number is sure to drop this year as 40% of Americans have said they plan on spending less this year. (3) This is obviously due to the pandemic and the unstable job market. Still, there are ways to bring Christmas magic into your home for very little cost.

shutterstock_229350637-300x200 Inexpensive Ways to Bring Christmas Into Your HomeOne way to showcase the holiday mood is by baking gingerbread cookies. All About Bathrooms and More are experts at remodeling kitchens, and we know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. What is more inviting on a cold winter’s day than the smell of fresh gingerbread men being baked in the oven? The cost is minor if you make them from scratch, and there are dozens of recipes to be found on the internet. Even better is that the entire family can take part in baking (and eating!) the cookies, thus providing a fun holiday activity for everyone.

Another inexpensive way to bring Christmas into your home is to play holiday music. Most towns and cities have a radio station that focuses on Christmas music during December. If you have cable, then there’s a good chance you have a music channel devoted to seasonal music you can fire up, usually with a themed visual like a fireplace or a snowy backdrop. Another great option is to look for playlists on Amazon Music and YouTube. Finally, you can buy CDs of traditional holiday music very cheap at most drug and dollar stores this time of year.

Another suggestion by All About Bathrooms and More is to make your own Christmas crackers. These items are more common in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries, but they are slowly making inroads into the United States. Supposedly created back in 1847 in London by Tom Smith, crackers have changed from love messages wrapped around sweets to the wrapped cracker of today, which usually feature a paper hat (normally a crown), a small toy or other gift, and a joke. (4) All you need to create your own crackers are cardboard tubes (paper towels are great), wrapping paper, and the goodies to be stuffed inside. A quick trip to a dollar store will net you the toys and gifts you can put into the crackers. There are numerous videos on YouTube showing how to make your own crackers. While homemade crackers may lack the “snap” of normal crackers, they should put a smile on the faces of everyone.

The design experts at All About Bathrooms and More know that decorations can go a long way in getting people into the festive spirit. A few strings of Christmas lights, bought just for a few dollars, can transform a room into a colorful wonderland. Another decorating idea is to make wreaths out of candy canes. Such an activity is fun and inexpensive as you can buy boxes of candy canes for very little at most dollar and drug stores. Children can have fun creating their own design, and they can be rewarded with some “leftover” candy canes. You can create festive centerpieces for tables by using cake stands. Just stack a few on top of each other and add a candle, some Christmas baubles, some twigs and pine cones (taken from the great outdoors), and even some dried fruit.

Of course, watching some beloved holiday classics is yet another way to bring Christmas into your home. There are DVD compilations that feature classics like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town, The Little Drummer Boy, Frosty the Snowman, and Cricket on the Hearth for just $15 on Amazon. (5) You can check your local library for holiday-themed DVDs you can check out to watch at home.

Lastly, one way to bring Christmas into your home is to help others. Donate old clothes and toys to those in need. Volunteer at your church. Donate food to the local food pantry or cook some meals to distribute to the hungry. Most giving activities only cost you time, but the rewards can be tremendous. Such deeds also help to instill the true meaning of the season into your young children as well.

Overall, there are plenty of ways to bring the spirit of Christmas into your home without spending a bundle of cash. All of us at All About Bathrooms and More wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season.










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