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A Few New Year’s Resolutions for Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

The holiday season is finally over as the new year begins. People tend to take a long look at their current situation as the previous year winds down, which leads to many vowing to make substantial changes in their lives. The most common New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, going to the gym more often, and quitting smoking. (1) Men and women are pretty equal when it comes to making resolutions; a survey found that 73.76% of men and 74.26% of women planned on making resolutions for 2021. (2) However, only about 10% of those who make resolutions keep them after several months. (3) New Year’s resolutions can be made for anything, including your home. All About Bathrooms and More would like to offer you some New Year’s resolutions for remodeling your kitchen or bathroom.

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The first New Year’s resolution when it comes to bathroom or kitchen remodeling is to actually do the remodeling. Many people plan on doing a remodeling project but fail to follow through. One reason is that quite a few people only consider doing full remodeling projects, which could lead to the price of the project or its scale to cause the homeowner to change their mind and keep on with the status quo. A lot of people believe that doing a remodeling project entails tearing down the entire room and building everything back up from scratch. The reality is far different as a remodeling project could be as simple as replacing some cabinets or replacing an outmoded tub or shower with a new one. Don’t be afraid to make small changes to your bathroom or kitchen. The entire point of a remodeling project is to have the remodeled space provide greater comfort and use to the homeowner. If you feel that the lighting is inadequate, then have some new lighting installed. If you find the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom are boring or ugly, then have them replaced with new tiles that will boost your mood whenever you step into the room.

Another important New Year’s resolution when it comes to remodeling projects is to stay within your budget. Just like hitting a buffet, our eyes can be larger than our stomachs, or in the case of remodeling projects, our wallets. The design experts at All About Bathrooms and More can help you come up with a budget you’ll be happy with. There are lots of options when it comes to materials and furnishings. Imported Italian marble may look incredible as the top of your kitchen island, but such beauty will cost you. There are plenty of alternatives that look just as great for the fraction of the price. Instead of buying a full steam shower, you could purchase a steam shower kit instead. Going way over your budget just adds more stress in your life and could lead to further problems. Figuring out a reasonable budget and sticking with it is the best choice. You’ll be happy with your kitchen or bathroom being upgraded, and you’ll be happy knowing that you didn’t break the bank in doing so.

Two more New Year’s resolutions are safety and economy. Technology has come a long way in regards to devices that save on water and electricity. All About Bathrooms and More can show you toilets, showers, and sinks that use less water than their older counterparts. There are oven ranges, refrigerators, freezers, and water heaters that use far less power than older models. Using less power and water is not only good for the environment, but it saves you money as well as your utility bills will go down. As for safety, it may be time to install handles in the bathroom if you have members of your family that are getting older or face some movement disability. Having support handles in and around the shower, tub, and toilet can help someone who finds it hard to move around to use the facilities a lot easier. Another safety resolution is to include sanitizer stations in the bathroom and kitchen. In these days of COVID-19, having a handy spot to get some sanitizer will help keep you and your family safe and healthy.

As we’ve shown above, there are a number of ways for you to apply some New Year’s resolutions to remodeling your bathroom or kitchen. Staying within a budget, following through with a remodeling project, and increasing the safety of your loved ones are just a few remodeling New Year’s resolutions you can consider. If you have any questions, please contact us today.






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