Bathroom Remodeling Tips for a Kid-Friendly Bathroom


Parents have a lot to contend with as they raise their family. While children are definitely a blessing, they can also try the patience of a saint.

This is especially true when it comes to bath time or getting the little tykes to brush their teeth. Few generals have marshaled a campaign like parents getting their children to do what needs to be done in the bathroom. The humble bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, but it’s even more so for children as they go from potty-training to adolescence. The design experts at All About Bathrooms have some kid-friendly bathroom remodeling tips that will help entice the young ones to look forward to bath time as well as ensuring their safety.

It behooves parents to make the bathroom as inviting as possible for their children. That way, they’ll look forward to their evening bath or have less stress while learning the ins-and-outs of potty-training. One of the main kid-friendly bathroom remodeling tips is to choose a theme that your child loves. Perhaps your child loves SpongeBob SquarePants or is into a few of the mighty Marvel superheroes. There are plenty of themed bathroom furnishings, from shower curtains to towels that can make the bathroom a fun place to be. A mural can be painted on the bathroom walls that capitalize on the theme, from dinosaurs to superheroes. It’s important when making a bathroom over for your children to solicit their opinions. After all, you’re trying to get them comfortable spending time in there to begin with.

On a practical side, there are some kid-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas that All About Bathrooms can suggest to make navigating the bathroom a great deal easier for the little ones. Most parents put a stool in the bathroom to allow the children to reach the faucet and countertop, but a nifty idea is to install a lift-out step in the bottom drawer of a vanity instead. Not only does this save on space, but the step can be removed when the children are older and is no longer needed. As for drawer handles, adults can replace the knobs with pulls and levers as small children tend to have difficulty grabbing round knobs, especially if their hands are soapy.

Parents know that getting young ones to properly hang their towels and washcloths back up can be a chore, so installing hooks and towel rings is a good solution as children are able to more easily manage such amenities. As children get older, hooks and rings can be swapped out with towel bars. One kid-friendly bathroom remodeling suggestion that has parents loving the design experts at All About Bathrooms concerns the toilet. Most kids just can’t get enough of loudly slamming down the toilet lid. While such mayhem makes them giggle with glee, it can definitely create massive headaches for adults. To thwart this behavior and ensure the continued sanity of parents, a quiet-close toilet seat can be installed. No more loud banging from little Timmy!

While the above kid-friendly bathroom remodeling tips are designed to make the bathroom an easy place for children to use, All About Bathrooms knows that keeping the little ones safe is the highest priority. There are some definite things that can be undertaken to make the bathroom as safe as possible for children to use. The toilet is a source of fascination for young children, so a toilet lock can be installed to make sure that they don’t get into the toilet water and make themselves sick. These locks also help ensure that toys or other items are not crammed into the toilet bowl, causing it to back up and overflow. Small children can have trouble reaching the light switch, so a motion sensor with an adjustable timer can be installed to automatically turn on the bathroom light for a specific time period whenever the child enters the room. Another helpful tip for the vertically challenged youngster is to install a hands-free faucet. This allows the child to not have to reach the faucet handles as they only have to place their hands under the spout. To prevent any potential scalding, water temperature can be pre-set. A hands-free faucet is not only easy for children to use; it’s also fun as kids usually get a kick out of waving their hands to get the water running.

All About Bathrooms definitely has some kid-friendly bathroom remodeling tips for the tub and shower. A graduated step into the tub can allow the child to more easily enter and exit the tub. A working bar with a hand-held showerhead on it that they can reach allows for easier cleaning. For additional safety, grips and bars can be installed to give children something to hold onto. One of the best ways to help keep your little ones safe in the bathroom is to ensure that the tile does not become slippery when wet. We can suggest quite a few textured surfaces that are best for helping to avoid falls. To really jazz up the shower or tub, you could place decorative, non-slip treads or decals that provide traction and grip while also adding a festive touch. Such applications can be found in many diverse styles.

As you can see, there are quite a few kid-friendly bathroom remodeling tips that can help get your children actually looking forward to bath time. Making the bathroom over into a fun place for them to do their business can definitely take a strain off the shoulders of parents. The overall goal is to ensure that the bathroom is completely accessible to them as well as making sure that they’re safe as possible. There is one final note about remodeling your bathroom with a focus on it being kid-friendly. Remember that you’ll likely have to make changes eventually as your children get older, so don’t do anything completely drastic that will be hard to change in the future


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