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A Few Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For the Holidays

A Few Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing, and many people are looking high and low for that perfect gift. While items such as clothes, jewelry, and electronics are often the main choices for a holiday purchase, the design experts at All About Bathrooms would like to point out that there are quite a few bathroom remodeling ideas that are perfect for the holidays. Whether one is looking to give something to a loved one or just to pamper oneself, there are a number of holiday bathroom remodeling projects to choose from.

If one has parents or friends that are getting on in years and having difficulty moving around, there are some tremendous holiday bathroom remodeling ideas that can benefit them through the entire year. The experienced craftsmen at All About Bathrooms can install grab bars around the sink, tub/shower, toilet, and even within the tub/shower itself. There are lots of interesting styles to choose from, which means that the new grab bars can easily be incorporated into a bathroom’s existing style. Grab bars help minimize the risk of falling, which is very important for seniors as 13,600 seniors of the age of 75 and over died last year after falling within their home. Another quick remodeling project for seniors is the installation of a seat in the shower or tub, which allows them to sit down while bathing.

Another easy holiday bathroom remodeling idea that is very useful is to make the bathroom sink wheelchair-friendly. This is great for both seniors and younger people with mobility issues. Pedal controls can be installed so an elder does not have to fight their arthritis in turning the water on or off. Anti-scald faucets can be installed as a holiday gift to ensure that young children or seniors are not burned by water that’s too hot. Another great holiday gift for seniors is a walk-in tub, which negates the hazard of having to step over a tub’s rim. A curb-less shower is also a nice holiday gift and is great for wheelchair users.

While it’s always best to think of others during the holiday season, it’s also nice to pamper oneself for being a good person throughout the year. Adding a bit of luxury to the bathroom is a great way to splurge during the holidays upon oneself. A shower with body jets is the perfect remedy for all those long, tiring hours of working. It’s like having a personal high-end spa at one’s fingertips. Just as relaxing is having an air tub with multiple water jets installed. Another quick holiday bathroom remodeling idea is to install a shower with a rainfall or waterfall outlet. To cap off this luxurious experience, a person can have a shower seat installed so they can sit and bathe in what feels like a gentle rain.

As the holiday season is also the coldest season, adding some warmth to the bathroom is another great holiday bathroom remodeling idea. A heated floor system can be installed by the experienced professionals at All About Bathrooms so one can ensure that their little piggies stay warm and toasty in the morning while going from the bed into the shower/tub. Another wintery idea is the remote-controlled shower that is controlled by an app. This system allows a person to have their shower running and at the right temperature before they even step foot into the bathroom. No more fighting off the cold while one is waiting for the bathroom to heat up.

One last holiday bathroom remodeling idea can change the nature of this most necessary of rooms with just a minimal of fuss: replacing an older toilet with a new one that has a lot of innovative features. The humble commode has come a long way over the years, and there are lots of new styles to choose from. Those who have issues getting up can swap out their old toilet with one that has a higher pedestal base. The design experts at All About Bathrooms can suggest toilets that feature some of the following: an electronic seat cover that will automatically open or close, automatic flushing, a seat warmer (which goes great with a floor warming system), a warm-water bidet, multiple cleansing settings, and temperature control. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to what today’s toilets can offer.

As one can see, there are plenty of holiday bathroom remodeling ideas to choose from. Some are great for seniors, such as grab bars, and others can be for everyone, such as a smart toilet. The project can be as simple as installing a new showerhead that has a speaker so that one can listen to some tunes while showering or putting in a new toilet. If one wishes to be more ambitious with their holiday bathroom remodeling project, the sinks and lighting can be replaced or a new shower/tub, such as a walk-in tub or curb-less shower, installed. The professionals at All About Bathrooms can help make this holiday season a merry one indeed.

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