Bathroom Remodel (Parker CO)

We remodeled this master bathroom in Parker, CO at the same time we did the guest bathroom in the same home. The small master bath was completely transformed into a modern look by taking out the bath tub and replacing it with an amazing shower with a beautiful focal wall of glass tile. Brushed nickel fixtures throughout add a touch of class to this beautiful, new bathroom.

You can see pictures of the Guest Bath Remodel here.

Before Bathroom Remodel (Parker CO)

master-bath-remodel-B-400x400-c7092b4acaebf947117d985433beebb2 Bathroom Remodel (Parker CO)
bath-remodel-parker-B-400x400-2d8e6498aee016a85293f841c8e465c4 Bathroom Remodel (Parker CO)
tile-floor-remodel-B-400x400-9768d8d53361424e17f147077626bc9f Bathroom Remodel (Parker CO)
parker-co-bathroom-B-400x400-53a8164bb725cf59af30be9f1836db40 Bathroom Remodel (Parker CO)
parker-bathroom-remodeling-B-400x400-97a8b232714fda31be1b7d7395ba6cef Bathroom Remodel (Parker CO)
bathroom-remodeling-parker-co-B-400x400-5c956c1ae9e66ea30b533facbb327080 Bathroom Remodel (Parker CO)

After Bathroom Remodel (Parker CO)

bathroom-remodel-parker-co-2-400x400-1a862bf3788fb24b155e7913067f5c08 Bathroom Remodel (Parker CO)
glass-tile-shower-wall-parker-co-400x400-0d406214dda5c8dfaae7f6c1eae38465 Bathroom Remodel (Parker CO)
new-tile-floor-ceramic-parker-bathroom-400x400-84e6873fff91529938dd7f07c8d2f4a2 Bathroom Remodel (Parker CO)
new-sink-cabinet-remodel-parker-400x400-7310e7a3054f38ec6f62aa708f61d27d Bathroom Remodel (Parker CO)
bathroom-remodel-parker-co-400x400-a3abf45be7d8dc05cde051d551e3b2bd Bathroom Remodel (Parker CO)

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