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Bringing Summer Into Your Bathroom

In this day and age, the homeowner has a lot of options available to them when it comes to the design and decoration of their bathroom. No longer does the abode of the commode have to be shackled to the hospital-like sterile conformity of the white bathtub, white tiles, and white walls. A wide array of colors, furnishings, and decorative features provide an almost dizzying amount of choices. The idea of bringing the summer season into the bathroom is a popular choice with quite a few homeowners, and the design experts at All About Bathrooms and More have some suggestions on how to upgrade your bathroom to reflect the joys of summer (and without getting sunburned).

The summer season immediately brings a few things to mind, such as the family vacation, the beach, and pools. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, an estimated 100 million Americans plan on taking the family on vacation this year. (1) One popular destination for such trips is a water park. There are over 1,000 water parks in the United States, with the top two destinations in 2018 being Typhoon Lagoon, with 2.27 million visitors, and Blizzard Beach, with 2 million visitors, both located at Walt Disney World. (2) Going to the beach is incredibly popular with most people, especially during the summer. 2018 saw an astounding total beach attendance of 340,754,691 visits. (3)

The popularity of beaches and water is a great theme to bring summer into the bathroom. One way to reflect the nautical nature of the season is to use blue and white as a paint scheme. This color palette can be light and airy, helping bring thoughts of the sea into the bathroom. All About Bathrooms and More can help select the perfect shades and composition to make this wish a reality. This scheme can be enhanced by placing some small pieces of art on the wall depicting ships and other facets of sailing life.

Another option in bringing summer into the bathroom is through the use of decorative tiles. There are tons of choices available to bring the beach and the ocean into your home. All About Bathrooms and More can show you tiles that feature sea turtles, crabs, dolphins, seashells, ocean waves, seahorses, fish, ocean colors, and even ship-themed tiles like a ship’s wheel or the classic anchor design done in white and blue. You can also create the visual of a beach by using floor tiles by choosing sand-colored tiles that give way to ocean-colored floor tiles. Another summer-themed idea for the bathroom is having a custom countertop made composed of a frame filled with seashells that are covered with clear resin.

Water is an essential part of summer, be it from rain, the beach, the pool, or playing in the sprinkler with the kids. You can bring the feel of a summer rain or the joy of sitting under a waterfall into your bathroom by upgrading your shower. All About Bathrooms and More can suggest quite a few waterfall or rain-themed shower heads that will greatly enhance your bathing experience. We can install showers with seating arrangements so you can just sit and relax the soothing feel of a gentle summer rain in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Letting in more light is another way to bring summer into your bathroom. Blazing sunlight is a hallmark of the season, and we can provide remodeling ideas to increase the size of your bathroom windows or add more windows. We can provide remodeling suggestions that will increase the amount of light pouring into your bathroom while still providing measures to ensure your privacy.

Finally, there are some decorating choices you can make to bringing the summer season into your bathroom. You can place towels with beach, ship, or other nautical designs in your bathroom. You can hang pictures of your favorite vacation spots, past trips to the beach or a theme park, or seasonal activities like boating or camping. Another small touch is placing a basket of seashells or decorative beach-themed soaps on the sink.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can bring summer into your bathroom to brighten and open it up. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call today.


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