Consider Replacing Your Tub with a Shower

replace-tub-with-shower-300x199 Consider Replacing Your Tub with a ShowerFor bathrooms that are tight on space, a new trend is to replace your small bathtub/shower combo with a large shower. Sure, if you are a bath-addict, this solution might not be for you. But, if you are thinking of remodeling your small bathroom, you might consider this space-saving trend, especially if you have another bathtub in the house.

When a shower is put in place of an old tub, the shower will feel large and may even have space for a seat! Depending on the dimensions, your new walk-in shower may even be able to accommodate dual showerheads, a fancy rain shower head, or even a water massage system.

If you can fit a seat in your new shower, consider adding a steam unit! A steam shower will have additional requirements (and costs) to properly build and maintain, so don’t forget these important things:

  • Need a design with walls and a door that completely seals the outside air when in use but allows air to circulate after use to dry shower
  • Need tile that completely surrounds the shower, including ceiling tile. Ceramic tile is a better choice for a steam shower than natural stone because it is less porous in this tough environment.
  • High performance silicone caulk that will need to be checked and replaced regularly if the steam unit is used often.
  • Must have access to all mechanical components in case repairs are needed in the future.
  • May require additional electrical work and modification to the electrical panel depending on the age of the home.

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