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How to Build the Perfect Man Cave

One housing trend that has increased dramatically over the last twenty years is the man cave. This term came into being in the 1992 book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray. (1) While it is often said that a man’s home is his castle, the reality is that the wife usually makes the majority of decorating decisions. The increasing size of houses, coupled with the falling amount of men-only clubs and organizations, has led many men to take a room in their house and stake a claim to it. However, not every man cave is equal. Here are some tips on building the perfect man cave.

What men want from their man cave can vary by age. Baby boomers list having a fully stocked bar as their most important feature. By contrast, millennials list having a game system as their must-have in their man cave. Generation X wants multiple TVs. (2) No matter what your age is, the design experts at All About Bathrooms and More can help you create your perfect masculine refuge.

shutterstock_80067493 How to Build the Perfect Man CaveHaving multiple TVs in a man cave is a must. This allows you and your friends to have several games on at once to keep up with all the action. For watching movies, a projection TV is a tremendous choice. A projection TV allows the man cave to be transformed into a home theater, and the screen can be kept rolled up when not in use, allowing the wall behind it to be used for hanging posters, jerseys, or dartboards. Plus, projection TVs are less expensive than a huge TV. (3) Seating is important in the man cave, so comfortable recliners with built-in cup holders are a great choice. Nothing beats sitting back and having a cold one while watching an action movie or a game with your friends.

Another aspect of building the perfect man cave is entertainment. If you’re into video games, then including a gaming system or two is a must. Wireless controllers allow everyone to get into the action with ease, but you should also have a charging station in the man cave to recharge the controllers or the batteries they may use. Putting in an arcade video game cabinet is a great way to enhance the man cave. There are multiple companies that sell cabinets that include dozens of arcade classics like Galaga and Pac-Man. A pool table is always a solid choice if you have the room. You can add versatility to the pool table by choosing one that has a tabletop cover so that the pool table can serve as a card/gaming table as well.

Having drinks on hand is another feature of the perfect man cave. The size of the bar counter will depend upon the size of the room. A Murphy bar is great for smaller man caves as it can be folded up after use. Another option for smaller man caves is a multiple liquor dispenser, such as a bar caddy that holds four to six bottles of liquor or an electric dispenser that attaches to multiple bottles. The bar itself can vary by the taste of the owner. You can have a full-size pub-style bar counter put in if you’re into a classic look. Another idea is to convert a truck bed into a bar. Naturally, one needs a refrigerator, mini or full size, to hold plenty of soda and beer.

An adjoining bathroom is an important feature of the perfect man cave. Having facilities close at hand means you don’t have to run far away when the need arises. Plus, you won’t get waylaid by your significant other or children if you have to go. There are some ways to spruce a bathroom up to make it part of the man cave experience, such as having a urinal made out of an old beer keg or the sink made out of a whiskey barrel.

Flooring is an important consideration when making the perfect man cave. Tile is a far better choice than carpet as it is easy to clean and there’s no worry about spilled drinks or food. Tiles come in many shapes, colors, and themes. If you’re into football, you can lay tiles down to recreate a football field. As for lighting, fluorescent is a bad choice as it is glaring. Go with warmer lights, specifically lights that can be dimmed. This allows you to make the lighting more comfortable when playing video games or watching a movie on your big screen.

Lastly, making the perfect man cave means making sure it reflects your interest. Putting up framed jerseys and pictures of your athletic heroes is what you should do if sports is your passion. Big into Star Wars? Then get a life-size R2-D2 cooler, framed posters of the movies, and have shelves full of Star Wars action figures for your man cave. If you’re a racing fan, decorate your room like the Daytona International Speedway and place racing helmets and NASCAR collectible cars around the room. Remember, your man cave is your masculine refuge from the stress and worries of the world.

There are lots of ways for you to build your perfect man cave. If you have any questions on how to make one of your own or enhance the one you currently have, feel free to contact us today.






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