From (Kitchen) Farm to Table

As the movement for conscious living continues to gain traction, people are looking more and more towards themselves to make a change in the environment. Eating sustainably is one way to do this.

What if you could take this one step further? You could lessen your environmental impact, save money and eat healthily all with one solution – turning your kitchen into a little produce farm, and its easier than you think.

Let’s have a look at what fruits, vegetables, and herbs you can grow in your very own kitchen.

scallions From (Kitchen) Farm to TableScallions

Also known as spring onions or green onions, this versatile vegetable can be used in plenty of dishes like pizza and pasta.

All you need to do to regrow scallions is cut off the root and a couple of inches of the stalk. Place in a glass jar with some water, set in the sun and watch it grow.

 bokchoy-300x169 From (Kitchen) Farm to TableBok choy

If you love to make a delicious stir-fry, then you’ve probably gone through your fair share of bok choy, which may also be referred to as Chinese cabbage.

Ensure that you leave the base of the bok choy intact and simply place it a shallow dish with some water. Once it gets plenty of sun, it will start growing beautifully.

pineapple From (Kitchen) Farm to TablePineapples

Now, this is going to take some time, about two to three years actually. However, during this time, you can have a lovely tropical plant to add a unique aesthetic to your kitchen.

All you have to do is cut off the green part of the fruit, put in a glass jar with water and leave it in the sun. Once the roots start to grow, simply move it to a soil-filled pot and wait until it grows.  

carrots-300x151 From (Kitchen) Farm to TableCarrots

Whether its a slice of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or a delicious side dish of carrot puree, this orange vegetable is one of the most versatile that you’ll find.

Place some carrots seeds in a window box or pot filled with soil and water it. Make sure that it gets plenty of light and that the soil is always moist until it reaches the germination stage. Then, just wait for harvest time and choose that perfect dish to make with your fresh homegrown carrots.

herbs-300x200 From (Kitchen) Farm to TableHerbs

Vertical gardens are a great way to bring nature indoors and, of course, to have readily available fresh produce whenever you need it.

There is a range of herbs that are perfect for growing indoors. These include chives, basil, cilantro, mint, and chives. You could even get matured herb plants and then place them in a sunny space in your kitchen.

Now, if you don’t want to turn your kitchen into a disorganized version of a farmer’s market, we suggest setting aside some dedicated areas to grow your produce.

Luckily, here at All About Bathrooms and More, we can help. We’ll be able to redesign and renovate your kitchen so that it looks gorgeous while still providing a functional space to grow your fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

All you have to do is contact us today.



Images courtesy of Pixabay.

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